Back to the roots

We all know that sustainable business is big business at the moment and we all have do our thing for the environment. Your business must be environmentally aware and doing everything it can to reduce its carbon footprint.

These 2 lads Nikhil Arora & Alex Velez started a company using used coffee grounds to make a grow it yourself mushroom kit.

Their enthusiasm and ability to laugh at themselves makes for a great partnership and my almost stumbling upon the idea, a big supply outlet and their ‘waste collection’ service they have given us what could be the business 3.0 platform.

Watch this 15 minute presentation and be sure to check out their website back to the roots

Grow up to 1 1/2 lbs in as little as 10 days…right from the box!

Multiple crops (at least 2, though some have got up to 4)

Just 3 Easy Steps – Open, Mist, and Harvest (spray mister included).

All indoors – just set on a kitchen window sill and mist twice a day

The soil inside is 100% recycled coffee grounds – safe & sustainable